March 2, 2009


Our trip yesterday went great! It only snowed a little so the roads were fine. The kids had a great time, yes...even Raven! LOL!! We were there for over 4 hours. We left as they were closing. The place is great! We'll be going back there! Our next trip will either be to CoCo Key Water Resort or another indoor play place we just learned of a few weeks ago. It's just nice to be out all day. I'm so glad that Lola is such a good baby. :) We could never do trips like these if she weren't. :)

Speaking of Lola. I'm taking her in today to have her face looked at. I HATE having to keep it covered and a sock on her hand, but I can't risk letting her get to it and making it bleed. o_O That's just too much! Hopefully today they'll give us some answers and maybe start treatment on it. Hopefully! I'll update later! For now, here are some pictures from yesterday.......

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