November 6, 2009

Kids & T.V.

How do Moms who don't let their kids watch t.v. do it? If I didn't let my kids watch Spongebob or Yo Gabba Gabba I wouldn't get squat done around this house. SERIOUSLY! I couldn't blog, tweet, clean, shower...NOTHING!! Nothing at all. My kids are so into playing with me that I can't walk out of the room without them following me. They do play quietly together when it's playtime. I turn the t.v. off to force them to play with the million dollars worth of toys we have bought them over the years. When I can't take it anymore and need to get things done I turn on the tube. My son is now at that age where he wants to "help" clean and it kind of annoys me. Is that bad? Yeah, probably. I just hand him a rag and let him use his spray bottle to wipe things down with. Then I point out that the t.v. is on in hopes that he'll stop following me. :D MOM OF THE YEAR!! LOL!!

But seriously. How do they do it? If my kids weren't glued to the t.v. like Zombies I'd get nothing done. Just look at them.....

GLUED!!! So I would like to thank whoever it was that invented the television. Thank you. My house is clean and I'm sane thanks to you. :D

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Amber said...

First of all, I really like the new look of your blog. Very cute. Second, I 2nd your notion. I too am in the bad mom club and let the TV and sometimes the Wii babysit my kids. They (the TVs) are very responsible and I'd be happy to provide a letter of reference. =oD