November 12, 2009

Stupid Time Change!!!

I am so sick of my kid waking up early. What happened to 7-8 o'clock?!?! HUH?!?!? ((sigh)) Even my Lola is waking up early, which is 7-8. That's way too early!!! The kids seriously need to get back on track or Mommy is going to lose her mind!!!

In other news.....I gave away my breast pump last night. ((sigh)) I dunno. I'm kinda sad about it, but I am glad I'm able to help a friend out. Debbie, Dominic's Mom, has no idea what she's doing. I also gave her the last of my Domperidone. That stuff was a life saver!! I had a hard time keeping my supply up for a while, but a few of those pills and it went right back to where it was. Love it! I'm going over today to help her out some. She needs sleep, so I'm going to take her little man off her hands for a while. :D I can't WAIT!!! I love holding newborn babies. LOVE IT!!

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