November 30, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving with my Sister and her family. I'm so glad we did, too, because it was really nice. We were actually early for dinner! That never happens!! We ate, we talked, we laughed and we had just a really nice time. Ok, besides Lola screaming for 15 minutes straight because she's scared of my niece, it was a nice time. Poor Keisha. She has Down's Syndrom and Alopecia  and for some reason Lola is scared of her whenever she sees her for the first time. :( It wears off after 15 minutes or so, but it's horrible at first. She is actually afraid of most people when she first meets them. Not everyone, just some. I dunno! -_- So after her meltdown everything was great. :)  We stayed all day, left full and tired, came home, had some drinks and went to bed.

Now...the night before Thanksgiving was all a blur!! o_O So drunk. I can't remember anything past midnight. So sad. I took pictures that I don't even remember!! Now that's bad! LOL!! That was the first time ever that we went out on that night. Hell, we hardly ever go out!! The first half of the night was great though. LOL!!!

Black Friday was spent at home doing nothing. I cleaned, cooked, ate and we hung around watching movies all day. My Mom came over so Kevin and I could do some Christmas shopping. We are officially all done!! Well, except the Visa card for Raven and stocking stuffers. She just wants money. We already bought her her new t.v. that she's been asking for. It's soooo nice!!!!!!! We bought her a 36" flat screen Plasma. She is in love!! I think she's watched Twilight like 20+ times since we got it for her. LOL!!! So just a few more little things. :) We have spent almost $1500 or more on gifts and we didn't buy much!! Things are so expensive! I am glad we started early this year!! Next year we'll start way earlier!!

Now it's on!! Christmas is comin' up fast!! I'm hoping we get lots of snow!! :D Sorry if you hate it, but December is supposed to be white, not gloomy and bare. :D I'm looking forward to watching Lex's face light up on Christmas morning, the smell of the ham cooking, watching Christmas movies.....just everything!! Really into it this year. :D We'll start decorating this week. I have to pick up a few first, then we'll get started. :) So exciting!!!!!

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