July 12, 2010

Mommy LOVES To Read!!

Yes, yes I do!! I could read all day long if I were able to. But alas, I cannot. Especially since Miss. Lola had Hand, Foot & Mouth for over a week and needed to be held all. the. time. But enough about that! She's fine, we're fine and my arms are fine. Back to reading. My husband came home one day about 2 months ago and he had a book in his hand. A HUGE book. I kind of dismissed it because, well, I had another book I was already reading. The book I was reading was BULLET, by Laurell K. Hamilton. You can read more about it here.....

I gotta be honest. I stopped reading her books a while back because they became too pornographic for my taste. Not that that's not ok, mind you, I'm just all set with it. Anyway! The husband was trying to be nice and brought it home for me a few weeks ago not knowing I was kinda all set with her books, but I gave it a try anyways. I just couldn't get into it. I haven't even made it to chapter 3 yet. About a week ago I sat down with Kevin's book, just to see what it was about, and 3 chapters into it I couldn't put it down!! It was gooooood!!!!! THE PASSAGE, by Justin Cronin. Unbelievable!! It took me a little over a week to finish it.

 It's about a virus, a little girl, vampire type thingies, the end of the world...ect....ect. Not something I thought I would like, but I did. :) So now Kevin is a bit jealous that I found the time to read his book. I said...."Look, so what if the kids haven't bathed in like a week, they'll live. I need to read!!!" JOKING!!! HAH! No one suffered, everyone is clean and well fed. It's just that when I start reading something that I really like, I can't stop. I just hope he writes another. Now......what to read next?!?!?

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Moooooog35 said...

I was sent a book to review called "Follow the Money" by a guy I used to write for.

Not really a book book..but rather a collection of interconnected short stories. I'm about halfway through it...and it's pretty good so far...probably about a 3 or 4 hour read at best, though.

Wow. An unfunny comment.

My apologies.