July 5, 2010

Busy, Busy, BUSY!!!!

My husband is on vacation this week (-_-) Actually, he's been on vacation since last Tuesday. ((sigh)) Anyway!! He's home, we've been just hanging out with the kids, parks, playing in the water outside, watching silly movies and so on. Of course, Lola isn't feeling well. :( Her gums are all red and swollen. Why do I look things up on Google? WHY?!?! Because, of course I did. Now I'm just SURE she has diabetes. Ugh. It's porbably those damn 2 ear molars messing everything up. -_- Have I mentioned that I HATE teething? Well, I do. She isn't sleeping well, fever, not eating much, cranky, clingy....blah, blah, blah!! Bottom line? If Lola isn't happy, no one is happy!! It's been tough, but we're doing our best. We plan on taking them to the beach last this week, if Lola lets us.  have to say that I'm hardly on the computer when he's home. Just too much to do. Dang......vacation is tiring!!

2 thoughts:

Moooooog35 said...

Never look up symptoms on the Internet. I had a headache yesterday and it said I had Ebola which is ridicu


Mom, Wife, Nina said...

No kiddin', huh?!?! LOL!!! We're pretty sure it's Hand, Foot and Mouth. Don't know where she got THAT from. I blame Kevin.