July 1, 2010

Well......So Much For My 24 Hours Of Peace & Quiet

As I posted the other day my husband took 2 of our 3 for an overnighter in CT. I was looking forward to spending a whole 24 hours with my Lo. About 3 hours into, what was supposed to be a relaxing time, Lola started showing signs of distress. Whining, clinging to my leg and just not being her normal self. -_- My plans were thrown right out the window!! I spent most of my time holding her, trying to make her feel better and just trying not to lose my mind.  She cried all night, I hardly slept a wink and I'm ready to pass out. D.E.A.D. DEAD!!! Oh the joys of motherhood. One minute you're on cloud 9 with your beautiful child and the next you're sitting on you bum holding a drooling, screaming child. How quickly things can change. You know, I've always wondered how something so cute can cause so much trouble?......

I've said it before and I'll say it again........teething sucks. That is all.

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