November 23, 2010

"I GOT THE YUKES!!!" Or What I Like To Call All Night Puking Party

I can't believe it's only November and we're already dealing with puke. Can't we at least get past the Holidays?! GEESH!! Anywho. Yesterday was Lex's "Feast Day" at school. He got all dressed up to go celebrate Thanksgiving with his school friends only to end up with horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. I got the call that he was sick and I literally flew down to pick him up. My poor little man was sitting with one of the helper Dads and he was crying. When he saw me he ran to me all hunched over and begged me to carry him. Sorry, gotta walk! And walk she did. :) We get home, I got him undressed and made sure he was under his cozy "brown blanket", got him some water and turned on SpongeBob for him. Took him a good few hours but he finally puked. Poor kid was sleeping when it happend, so it got all over him and the couch. My dogs hightailed it outta there as fast as they could. They don't like sick humans. That was pretty much how the rest of the day and night went. He has puked once today and was able to hold down a cracker and some ginger ale, so I'm hoping it's over. And I hope no one else gets sick! Thanksgiving is Thursday for cryin' out loud!!!! I went through that once, being sick on Thanksgiving, and I am ALLLLLL set with doing it again. BUT! I am pretty sure we are not out of the woods. ((sigh)) The only good thing about me getting the stomach flu? I'd drop 5+ pounds. LOL!!!

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Carlie said...

Everyone is getting stomache flu! ARGH! Am somewhat paranoid. Please, please, please don't let us get it.