February 6, 2011

Is It Too Late To Trade My Teenager In For A Chihuahua?

My teenager came right out and asked me how long her and her boyfriend had to be together before he could spend the night. I could not believe what I was hearing. Had she hit her head? Gone insane? Grown a set when I wasn't looking? WTF was going on?! At first I thought she had to be joking. She knows the rules!! I'm strict!! So I kinda laughed out loud, then gave her the look. The "I'm dead serious" look. This is how the conversation went......

ME: "That would be a big fat never. I don't care how old you are, no boys sleeping over. Ever. Don't even ask."

CRAZY PERSON: "But XXXXX's Mom lets her boyfriend sleep over!!"

ME: "And XXXX's Mom has clearly lost her mind as well. Luckily I'm still sane, so that won't ever happen"

CRAZY PERSON: "What if I'm 18? You can't tell me what I can and can't do."

ME: "See, that's where you're wrong. If you're 18 and still living in MY house, the rules stay the same. No boys sleeping over. Ever. Feel free to get a job, your own place and then have as many boys sleep over YOUR place as you want....when you're 18, of course."

CRAZY PERSON: "I wasn't really asking if he could sleepover like tonight, I was just wondering if you'd ever let him"

ME: "Wonder no more....never gonna happen, kiddo."

I would like to know who in the Hell let's their 15 year old daughter's boyfriend sleep over?! And where does he sleep? Am I too old fashioned? Is this not something new? Because I can sit here and honestly say that I was shocked. So now all I keep thinking is......what's next?! I'm scared.

2 thoughts:

Kat said...

I completely agree with you! My kids will have a boyfriend/girlfriend sleep over, over my Cold. Dead. Body. Parents that compromise their morals so that their kids can "do what everyone else does" are not doing their kids any favours.

The Animated Woman. said...

"What's next" is indeed the right question. They're always pushing the boundaries...