March 4, 2011

15 & 5

I am now the proud Mother of a 15 year old daughter and a very grown up 5 year old boy. It's been a very crazy, hectic 2 months around here. So much to do and hardly any time to do it. Throw in all the sickness and well, you get NO TIME!!! I'm so ready for Spring. Anyway. The teenager got a new iPod touch, money and a new phone. She is now "just like all her friends". -_- I want her iPod. It has a camera in it!! Not that my camera isn't great, but just imagine all the social networking I could do with that thing. Yes, I am addicted to Twitter. Follow me. :D When I gave the teenager her phone I said...."With great technology comes great responsible. Please." It's a shame that in this day and age I have to even worry about my teenager sending inappropriate pictures, or sexting or cyber bullying. Ugh. It's just the way things are now. I have to hope she's learned from past mistakes and doesn't do something stupid. But then again, we are talking about teenagers......they don't think. They feel. They're so emotional. The important thing is this....she is happy, I can get in touch with her whenever I need to and I can stalk her online. LOL!!!

My son is now 5. He woke up on cloud 9 yesterday. Jumping around, telling me repeatedly that he is now 5 and is growing up and can do everything on his own. Except make pancakes. Because "only you can make the best pancakes, Mom. YOU MAKE THE BEST PANCAKES!! UHHH!!!" :D I'm proud to be the best pancake maker. We got him a new magic trick, a set of magnets and a science kit. He's in to science and magic. Interesting combination. :D He sat at the dining room table almost all day playing with his stuff. We made some glow in the dark goo and had a blast. If you're interested in the recipe here it is...

  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 30 ml water
  • 2-3 drops of food coloring or choice

Add water slowing until mixed, then play!!! I never did that experiment in science class so I was AMAZED!! It's a liquid, NO, it's a solid!!! BAAAAAHAHAHAAA!!! It's the little things, people. :D So yeah, we had a blast!! I made him a cake and surprised him with it after dinner. He jumped up and down and squealed and laughed. I love seeing him so happy with simple things. He ate 2 pieces of my cake and declared that I was "the BEST pancake AND birthday cake maker. EVER!!" :D Today the hubs and I are taking him to see RANGO. He's so excited to see it, it's all he's been talking about for a month. He loves it when we take him to the movies. We've only been a few times, but he just loves it. It's nice that he can now sit through a whole movie. :) His birthday party is on Sunday. This is the first year we're doing it somewhere besides the house. I didn't want to have it here in case all 12 of the kids in his class show up. o_O Nooooo thank you!!! HAH! And plus, this places takes care of everything, I just bring the snacks and cake. Perfect. So my very grown up 5 year old boy will be very excited. :)

That's Lex all dressed up as Willy Wonka. HAH! I love him. :)

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Robert said...

Great story!!

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Thanks, Robert! Glad you enjoyed it. :)