March 22, 2011

Little Miss. Independent

For the past few weeks Lola has started informing me that she "can do this" or "can do that" all by her little 2 year old self. Needless to say.....I'm scared. I hate this phase almost as much as puberty. They think they can do things even when I know they can't. For example...I know she can't climb into her carseat without me helping. I just know this. She doesn't, she thinks she can do it and she gets very pissed off if I try and help her. So I let her try, stay close and catch her when she falls. She wants to pick out her own clothes, her own foods, her own shows to watch and she makes sure I know she can do it herself, she feels the need to remind me by saying..."I can do this all by myself, Mommy. Lola can!!". Yes, she speaks in the first person. It's hilarious. If you've been reading my blog for a while then you know that Lola was delayed in walking due to a high fever which triggered a febrile seizure which set her back almost 6 months. With Early Intervention and lots of patience and love she can walk, run, climb and all that other dangerous fun stuff. She is still very slow, more cautious with stairs, but we're working on that. So you can understand my anxiety about this phase. I'm nervous she's going to hurt herself. I'm afraid I won't be there is she is trying out her new found freedom. But I can't be afraid. She sure isn't! So, I'm stepping back. I'm letting her do things by herself. I'm not fighting it anymore. We've already needed 3 bandaids today, but that's ok!! Lola can do this and so can I!

4 thoughts:

Carlie said...

What a darling photo of her!

I didn't realize Lola had had a febrile seizure. How scary! I was caregiver in a children's room when one of our little ones seized and it was one of the scariest things I've ever seen.

I have a little dependent at our house, I wish my three year old would take on his own fortunes. I have to push and prod him to try doing things himself.

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

She had a fever for almost a week when it happened. I didn't actually SEE her have one because it happened at night. I heard something over the monitor at around 3am, which would have been when the motrin wore off and her fever spiked quickly which is when I think the seizure happened. :( I got up to check on her and her face a jammies were wet, but no vomit. I cleaned her up,gave her more meds and held her till she slept. The next morning she was a totally different baby. She stopped rolling, couldn't sit up well without help and refused the breast. It was heartbreaking. I was devastated, to say the least. But she is fabulous now, as you can see. :D

And be careful what you wish for, he'll be doing things on his own even if they're things you DON'T want him to be doing. LOL!!!

Amber said...

Oh Nina! I remember when both my boys went through their independent phases. It's definitely a trying time for the parents. It's hard to see them fail too! Little Lola is getting so big and is such a beauty. Like I always tell myself with my trials of motherhood... "Just keep swimming!" ;)

The Animated Woman. said...

She's gorgeous. Isn't motherhood scary sometimes? Soon she'll be kicking your ass just like your eldest!