September 24, 2013

Sweaters and Flip Flops.....

Yes, that is me........I wear sweaters and flip the same time! My body is so confused. It wants to be cold, but the sweater is saying..."No, no you're not cold. You're warm and cozy and don't need the heat on, silly!". I love this weather. I like being warm and cold at the same time. I like the comfort of having my feet free and my arms warm. So yes, I love the Fall!! It's time to start baking bread again, something I refuse to do in the Summer. I want to bake cookies, lasagna and sip on tea in the evenings and not sweat while I do it. I think it's amazing how my mind can switch so easily. Just a few weeks ago I was fighting the end of Summer, and now I'm rushing head first into Fall. I think I'm going to fill my closet with cozy sweater and more flip flops for as long as I can.


2 thoughts:

Lora said...

me too! My feet are the last thing to go into hiding, I think they are just so much more resilient than the rest of me. Or stubborn.

* The MOM said...

My feet HATE being put away for the winter. They HATE it! I will go as long as I can. :D