October 9, 2007


So far I've had very little symptoms at all. The ones I do have haven't been too, too bad. Here they are....

•Dizzy spells
•Sore boobs
•Metallic taste in my mouth
•Food aversion

Today I've been so tired and really nauseous. I feel like I could sleep all day. I'm working today to help my friend get ready for her Halloween party. I already finished everything I needed to get done and now I'm bored. -_- Great!~

I think I'm having a girl.♥ :) I just have that feeling, you know. :) I think I'd love to have a little girl, then when she starts going through puberty, I'll move out. LOL!!!! Just kidding. Anyway, I have a name picked out already.....Larkin Faire. I know, weird, but it fits. Raven, Lex and Larkin......I like that. If it's a boy I want to name him Tristan, but Kevin doesn't like that name. -_- Well Kevin can kiss my ass!! I'm so mad at him right now!! I honestly couldn't care less what he thinks about anything. LOL! MEN!~


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