July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!!!

I can't believe it's already the 4th of July!! My birthday is in 11 days!!!! WOOHOO!!!! Kevin is buying me a new wardrobe for my birthday. I need new cloths in the worst way. I just don't like my old ones any more. Jeans and cute tops aren't for me any more, I want something different. A new look. We'll see. I hate shopping, but it has to be done, right? o_O

Lola slept from 11 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.! I was in need of a full nights sleep with no interruptions. Not that I mind getting up and changing her and then feeding her, but it's tough to do by myself every night. Kevin is taking over tonight for me so I'm going to have to thaw out some breastmilk so he can make her a bottle if she gets up. I'm not going to lie, I'm hoping she wakes up 2-3 times tonight just to remind Kevin how tough it is. heheheeee!!! Maybe I'll let her sleep all day. >:-P I better not do that, Karma is a bitch and I don't want it to bite me in the ass. I'll make it easy for him and keep her up all day with lots of feedings so she's happy and full when she goes down for the night. :) I'm so nice.

Anyway. Today we're going to a cookout at a friend's house, but we have to wait for the kids to wake from their naps. Yes, they nap at the same time. :D Wonderful, I know. Then later tonight we're taking them to see the fireworks. I didn't want to go at first, but this is Lex's first year going and actually understanding, so I want to be there to see his face. :) I bet he's going to love them. I'm still a little unsure about breastfeeding in public with that damn nipple shield, but so far it's been fine so it' should be ok in the dark as well. LOL!! We'll see how it goes. I can't wait for her to get her tongue clipped!! I feel bad that it's going to hurt, but it's better for her (and me) in the long run. Soon! She has an appointment in 2 weeks to get it done. I'm nervous but I know everything will be ok. :)

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