July 3, 2008

Lolita Ann Jolie~

Our baby girl is finally here!!! I cannot believe that she is almost a month old already. O_O Time flies by! She is just amazing. I'm still trying to get used to the crazy schedule we have going here, but I'm doing well. She sleeps a lot and only wakes for a diaper change or feedings. Wonderful! Breastfeeding is going amazingly well considering she's tongue tied. We work around that with a nipple shield. Last night was the first night I tried nursing her on my side laying down and it was great! I'll have to lay a towel or something underneath us because there was breastmilk all over the bed. YUCK! Kevin had to strip the bed and was everything. heheheee! He said he didn't mind though. :D What a great guy!

Lex is loving his baby sister and Raven is in Heaven! She finally got the little sister she's always wanted. I love having Raven around, she's such a big help. Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without her. There are some mornings when I just can't seem to wake up and Lex is a mad man, so I just have Raven take him outside while I nurse Lola and he runs off some energy and then he's fine. 2 year old little boys are much different than 2 year old little girls. UGH! The boy is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love him though and wouldn't have him any other way.♥

Let's see........Lola is wearing size 3-6 months clothing, she was born wearing size 1 diapers and they're starting to get a little snug already o_O and she has the tiniest little hands and feet. At birth she weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces and by that Friday (she was born on a Sunday) she was back to her birth weight. Not bad at all. :) She feels light to me but I think that's because Lex is so big! LOL!! I can remember holding Lex when he was just born and thinking about when he would be 2 and how much fun he was going to he's 2 and I'm thinking abut Lo and how much fun she's going to be when she's 2! :) I might regret thinking that when she's older because I know I'm going to miss having a baby around. But no, no more kids. We're done........I think. O_O

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