July 8, 2008

Long Night.....

Poor Lola was up all night last night with a some kind of stomach bug. I wasn't feeling well either, so maybe we had the same thing. She had 5 poopy diapers and she threw up twice. :( Poor thing, I felt so bad for her. She was crying and crying and crying and nothing I did helped. I hate that, not being able to help them. I wish there was a cure for everything so babies didn't have to get sick. She's a little gassy today, but no poopy diapers and she hasn't cried once. :) She is a total drama queen though. She fake cries and when I pick her up she coos. Big faker!

So.....Lo still has blue eyes. O_O I know they might change still, and I'm secretly hoping they do, but how beautiful would that be, blue eyes with her dark hair?! SOOOO PRETTY!!! Both Raven and Lex's eyes changed right away and she's already a month old, so we'll see. Kevin says that he looks at her and sees his Mom. :( She does have her eyes, for now. :)

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