July 10, 2008

Lola's 1 month Checkup!

GOOD GOD!! I gave birth to a monster!! LOL!! She now weighs 12 pounds and is 22 3/4 inches tall. O_O She doesn't seem so big to me. Maybe it's because Lex is so big that compared to him, she's small. :) She's doing fabulously well. Her and Lex have the same doctor and I love her!!! We talked about everything, she asked how I was doing, how Lex and Raven were adjusting and so forth. I told her that things are going smoothly, so far, so good. :)

Lola slept in her crib on her back last night and I slept in bed with my husband. :) It went really well! She woke up at midnight to be changed and fed, then went right back to sleep and slept till 7! WOOT WOOT!!! I can't lie, it was really nice sleeping in my own bed and not on that air mattress. I hate that thing, it makes so much noise!! UGH! Hopefully I can put it away by Sunday. YAY!!! I just hope she stays on this track for as long as possible. That would be fantastic!

Well, gotta run. We're taking Lex to a park we just discovered that has a small water playground next to it. He's going to LOVE it!!!

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