December 3, 2009


I swear the definition of "siblings" should be mortal enemies. -_- More often then not Raven, Lex & Lola all get along. But then there are days when it seems like all I do is break up a fight, pull Lex off of Lola, tell Raven to be nice to her brother, pull Lola off of Lex and so on and so on.....((sigh)) It's nerve wracking!! Where is my referee shirt? I remember growing up in a house with an older sister and younger brother and there were days when we would fight like cats and dogs. We're very close now, but it took 30+ years to get to this point. My sister would punch me, yell at me, blame things on me and threaten me. I would then turn around and yell at my brother, hit him, blame things on him and then he would pull my hair, kick me and so on and so forth. You get the picture. I never thought my kids would be the same exact way!! O_O Again....never say never! LOL! Raven fights with Lex, Lex fights with Raven and then turns around and fights with Lola. When will they learn? Never! Just this morning I had to yell at Lex for getting in Lola's face because I just knew she would slap him and she did. Then he hit her, then she hit never ends. At least Lola can stand up for herself now, unlike when she was a baby and Lex was trying to kill her. HAH! Not really kidding. -_- I don't like it when they start crying because they hurt each other. That breaks my heart. I guess I've got to learn to be faster, teach them better to love each other and not hurt each other. I doubt they'll listen, because I think it's bred in us to hate our siblings until we're at least 25 years old. LOL!!!!!!!!!

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