December 7, 2009

Day #13 Of Early Intervention

Well, we decided that I should try being there for a session or two with Miss. Lola because she was not doing a thing with Daddy there. -_- Paula came by on Thursday, we talked about Lola's evaluation coming up next week, yes, it's been a whole 6 months already!! I still can't believe we've been in Early Intervention for 6 months already!! And Lola has come sooooo far. :) Paula thinks Lola will need another 6 months because she is still not walking and her balance is way off. And to move things along faster she brought Lola this........

Yes, that's a walker and Lola LOVES it! When Paula first started telling me about it she was a bit weary, like I wouldn't approve of it or something. HELL NAW!! I LOVE IT!! The sooner Lola walks, the sooner my back can get a rest. ;) When Paula first brought it in you should have seen Lola's face. She gasped and then said..."Car!". Yes, Lola, that's your car. :D She got right up in it and started walking around. It's great!! Paula thinks this will help her with her balance and build up strength in her legs, which she needs badly!!! Poor kid's thighs are gigantic!! LOL!! She faces out with her back to the bars so it helps her stand up straight instead of leaning on it which she does with her push toys. They're no help at all!! This thing is great though!! We work with Lola every day in it and she's getting much better!! She gets right in and says...."GO!!" LOL!! We're working on turing now, but she isn't too good at that. Her balance is still off, which is why Paula wants to keep working with her. She's fine as long as she's holding on to something, but when she wants to turn around it's like her balance is so bad she can't do it. So that's next....balance, then walking! We're gettin' there! I am so proud of how far she's come and can't wait to have my baby girl walking next to me holding my hand. And my back can't wait either!!! LOL!!!!!

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