July 15, 2010

The REAL Reason I Let My Kids Watch T.V.

I can sit here and ramble off a long list of educational reasons, Mommy needs to clean reasons or I just want my kids to sit quietly reasons. But those are not the real reasons. Let me show you visually why I let my kids watch t.v.!

Reason #1:
That, my dear friends is no other than Sportacus from Lazy Town, played by Magnús Scheving. He's a super healthy Super Hero who never stops moving, he helps kids to eat healthy and exercise. And he is yummy!!! 

Reason #2:

How could I NOT love Steve Burns from Blue's Clues?! C'MON!!!! Forget whatshisface, I'm TEAM STEVE!!! He's so hot!!! :)

Reason #3:

Thank you Imagination Movers for bringing Rich Collins to us SAHMs. We really appreciate it. And can I just say how much I love the way he twirls those drum sticks of his? Hubba hubba!!!

Reason #4 

Now, this is Mike Messer. Mike is in a band called Dirty Sock Funtime Band that Noggin' features from time to time. The song is catchy, my kids love it and I get to look at his gorgeous face the entire 2 minutes or so. It's a win win situation!! He is...gorgeous!! He kinda reminds me of a hipper version of Adrien Brody. Mmmmmm......Adrien Brody. -drools-

So there ya have it, the real reasons I let my kids watch t.v.! I could have lied and said something about education, but really now, where's the fun in that?!

2 thoughts:

Moooooog35 said...

Imagination Movers makes me want to shank myself with a fork.

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Me, too! But Rich is HOT, so I tolerate it. LOL!!