June 29, 2010

24 Hours Of Peace & Quiet!!!

Please don't take this the wrong way. I love all my kids. They're wonderful, each in their own way. But there are days when I just want peace and quiet, and tomorrow I will get just that. My husband is taking Raven & Lex to CT for the day and night. It will be just me and my Lo. Can you hear that? That's me letting out a huge sigh of relief!! I love when it's just me and Lola. She's easy!!!She still plays alone for hours, she has very limited needs, she isn't clingy when it's just me and her, she doesn't whine, destroy things or talk back. I's going to be really nice. Really, REALLY nice. :) So I'll be enjoying my time alone with my "baby". We may do a little potty training. Why? Well, she's mimicking Lex and saying..."Momma, I gotta peeeeee!!" so I'll put her on the potty and she'll look down at her "privacy" and say "Pee!!" but so far we've had nothing. Doesn't hurt to try though, right? Right! So we're trying. Hey, I am counting down the days until we are diaper free!!!!!

So please, don't hate me when I'm sitting on my butt doing nothing but watching Lola play. :)

2 thoughts:

Carlie said...

Sounds wonderful! Gold star for Kevin for giving you a little space. If you were coming to Connecticut instead of him and the kids, I'd wrangle a meeting out of you! *sigh* One of these days.

On potty training...if you want to get a direct hit or two, take her to the potty first thing after she wakes up from nap or in the morning...she'll pee if you can get her to sit long enough to relax.

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

I would TOTALLY would LOVE to visit. We need to figure that out before Summer is over. Lex would have a BLAST with your boys and he LOVES babies!!! Loves them! :)

That is a GOOD idea about the after sleep potty trip. I would have done that today but dearest Lola has not been feeling good. Horrible, just horrible 24 hours. I hate teething. -_-