October 14, 2010

I Love My Dogs And My Cat, BUT.....

I'm at my wits end with the damn fleas!!! I am seriously thinking about shaving all my animals and making them wear cute little sweaters until flea season is over. BAH! I work at a pet supply store, so I know how bad this season was. It was bad. Hell, it still is! We haven't been able to keep the flea sprays, bathes and collars on the shelves. Every week we get an order in and within 4 days it's all gone. Fleas suck. I am fed up with the bathing, the washing, the spraying the vacuuming and the combing. It's tiresome. And anyone who knows me, knows I run a tight ship! My house is clean. It may be messy, but it is clean. So when I'm laying on the couch rubbing my dog's belly and happen to notice 2 fleas on him, I kinda get pissed off. It's been a long day (been up since 6am), I am not staying up to bathe my dogs, and it wouldn't matter since I can't change my sheets since someone is sleeping on them already. So I ignore it. It will have to wait till tomorrow. I will get up, rip the sheets off (probably with lots of swearing involved), do my usual morning routine, get my boy off to school, go grocery shopping, pick my teenager's dress up from the shop, grab her the shoes she just has to have, come home, get Lo situated with a movie or something, then I will kill every damn flea in this house. I will spray, I will wash, I will comb, I will vacuum and I will be swearing the entire time!!!! BECAUSE I HATE FLEAS!!!! ((sigh)) There. I feel a little better now. Bedtime. I need my rest, for the war begins tomorrow. I will prevail.

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Carlie said...

Dang. I remember why we have no pets. I'm sorry!