October 4, 2010

Am I The ONLY One Who Was Warned About Motherhood?!

I'm a Mommy blogger lover. I search the web for all kinds of Mommy blogs. I can't help myself, they're addicting. Some can be better than books. Just recently I have seen a few post on various blogs about Motherhood and why no one warned them about what was to come. Sleepless nights, not showering, not having time to yourself and so on and so on. I was astonished!!! No one told these women? No one warned them? They didn't already know what was going to happen?!?! I just could not believe this. Maybe I have more honest friends and family than these women. Or maybe I tore off my rose colored glasses as soon as I saw those two lines. Or maybe it was because I was a babysitter throughout my teen years and I've seen children at their best and most certainly at their worst! Either way.....I knew what was coming.

When I got pregnant with my oldest I was only 21. Found out the Father was not someone I wanted in my life and promptly kicked him to the curb. I was going to be a single Mom. Reality sunk in that I was going to be doing this all alone. No help. And I was fine with that. I didn't sit there and think of all the horrible things that were to come, I didn't want to do that, so I focused on the positive. I worked 2 jobs trying to save up enough money so I could take 2 months off after Raven was born. Every now and then I would forget that my future would be filled with sleepless nights and one day I made a very stupid comment to my sister. I was exhausted from working so much and said to her "I can't wait for this baby to be born so I can get some rest. All this work is killing me!" My sister laughed and laughed and laughed some more. That's when I realized my mistake. I would never sleep again. -_- And that is pretty much the truth. Raven still has night terrors and she's 14!! x_x <----Me.

So when people tell me that "no one warned them that Motherhood would be so tough", I just laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh some more. I'm the total opposite of most women, when I see a Mom about to have a baby, I'm  honest. I tell her about the "Three P's", puke, pee and poo. They will all get her at some point. I tell her that she probably won't shower much. I tell her that is is the hardest thing she will probably ever do. I warn her about the sleepless nights and the horrible teething that will make her want to rip her uterus and womb right out of her own body for fear she'd ever have another baby. But then I tell her that, just like labor, you forget about all the bad stuff the minute your baby looks at you and smiles. Because one thing they all had right was is worth every bit of it. Being a Mother is the most rewarding job.

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It's being the dad that's really tough.