October 13, 2010

Loving The 4's, Surviving the 2's and Clawing my way through the Teens

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would have 3 kids so different in ages I would have laughed in their faces. But here I am, the Mom of the "3 Extremes". A teenager in full hormonal swing, a 4 year old who is now a pre-schooler and tries to be Mr. Helpful, and then there's my Lo. She's 2. Nuff said. I have to admit, 4 is my favorite age. I love the 4s!! They're all helpful, kind, sweet, loving and just plain fun. Lex is into pretend play, watching movies with us, arts and crafts, he listens very well and is just so loving. So yeah...I love me some 4s!!! It's not that I don't love the various ages, each one has a little somein' special to offer. For example...Lo is 2. She's so sweet, but then she can turn on you like a a rabid dog! So she brings excitement! You never know what's gonna happen next and you're always on guard. Then there's Raven. My teenager. Some days it feels like there's a ticking time bomb walking around here. "Is she in a good mood or in a really horrible mood?" or "Should I even approach her?! Do I dare?!?!" That is what living with a teenager is like. More ups and downs than a roller coaster. But then you learn to read minds, one of the perks of living with a teenager. I can read her mind like no one's business. I know when to approach, when to stay away and when I'm allowed to give her a hug. WIN!

Most days I feel so exhausted from being pulled in so many different directions. I have to remember to not treat Raven like a child, I have to remember that the other 2 are still children and not to expect too much from them. Then I have to remember that, yes, Raven is still my child and not to expect too much from her either, even though she thinks she's grown. WHEW!!! So much to remember. Then throw in appointments, homework, dinner planning, work, cleaning, showers, breathing........I'm surprised I'm still standing. Some days I don't even get into bed before 10 because I'm so damn busy. But I manage, somehow. And most days I'm showered and smiling. Can't beat that! But I swear to GAWD if my husband talks about having "just one more" I will lose it completely.

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