January 6, 2010


ALL the kids are sick. Lex, Lola AND Raven. Snot everywhere. It's so gross. Poor Lola has it the worst because she has no idea what is going on!! She coughs, it hurts, she cries. :( Lex seems to think that snot is funny and likes to try and rub it on my shirt. Note to self......teach the boy better hygiene! Lola is getting better, Lex just caught it yesterday and Raven is in the middle of it. ((sigh)) And you know what really makes me angry?! Is that there is nothing I can give them. NOTHING! All because a bunch of idiotic, horrible parents a few misguided parents didn't know how to read that they shouldn't overdoes give more than the recommended amount to their children. Now what? Homeopathic! That's what!! :) And lots of fluids and rest. I'm  good like that. ;)

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