September 9, 2013

Clean Eating.......

I am on a mission to change the way we eat around here, and if you know my kids, you know how hard that is. I'm easy, I like change! I also like that this means I may lose a few pounds. ;) I've decided to try clean eating. I actually started last year, but when money got really tight I had to cheat, now that the kids are in school full time I can work more and I am able to spend more money on food. Clean eating is basically eating fresh food. If I buy snacks I make sure they ingredient list is short, or the snacks be organic. I'm all for organic, but GOD, why the Hell is it so damn expensive? Yeah, you pay for what you get, I know!! Anyway, I like to make sure my fruit, milk, bread, eggs and veggies are organic. Those are things my kids eat every day. Their snacks, well, let's just say that I am still trying to get them into healthy alternatives to Oreos and fruit rollups. :/ I tried buying some organic gummy treats, and OH MY GOD were they GROSS! Lex and I almost threw up! Here's a little hint to all the organic all natural companies out want kids to eat your stuff, make it taste good!!

Dinners.......I make every from scratch, if possible. Mac-n-cheese is a huge hit around here, so I always buy Annie's, and I always use whole grain wheat pasta, or veggie pasta. The kids love the color and I love that there are veggies in them. Don't tell them that though. ;) I try and make sure I offer the kids a lot of foods. If I put a lot of food on the table they think it's a "feast" and they eat, a lot! That makes me happy. Now, if I can only get their father to cook for them when he has them. -_-


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