February 23, 2009

Conversations With Lex

Last week Lex was looking for his magnifying glass and couldn't find it, so he too ALL of his toys out of the toy box. Toys everywhere! While he was doing this he came across some toys he hadn't seen in a while. One of which is this little bee toy that makes popping sounds when you drag it across the floor. -_- Big no, no when Lola is sleeping AND not feeling good. So I kept telling him to keep it in the livingroom, but he just had to bring it to the diningroom where I just KNEW it would wake Lola up. So I grabbed the toy and told him that it was too loud and it had to go away. Here is what happened.....

ME:: Lex, I've told you to use quiet toys, Lola is sleeping.
LEX:: That's MY toy, Momma!! Give it back!
ME: You can play with it in the livingroom, NOT the diningroom.
LEX:: Fine! Give it back please!

I hand him the toy and he proceeds to get "the look", you know which one I"m talking about. The one that says...."Screw you, Mom. I do what I want"

LEX:: How about slooooow bee? (and proceeds to come into the diningroom what that damned thing!)
ME:: Alexander Julian, if you come one step closer you are going in TIME OUT!
LEX:: How bout really sloooooow bee? (and comes one more step with that evil look)

At this point I'm trying hard not to laugh, and it was hard, but I HAD to put him in time out. I had to. He sat nicely, and when his time was up he got down and went straight for that damn bee again. ((SIGH)) This time he didn't come into the diningroom, he stayed right on the line between the two rooms. -_- LOL! BOYS!

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• Mommy • said...

Oh boy, he sounds SO much like Kaden it's not even funny! Our son is the same way. Boys!!!