February 3, 2009


I hate that stuff. I really do. But Lex LOVES it, so I let him play with it. What a mess every time! -_- Today he made me balls.......lots and lots of play-doh balls. It's cute though, so I don't mind the mess. He wanted to play with it on the "big boy" table, our new table, but I said no. I told him he had to get in his highchair and do you know what he said? He said....."UGH! Not the BABY chair!" O_O HAHAHAAA!! Very funny. Some times I"ll look at him and say..."Awww. Look at my baby. My baby boy Lex." He'll look at me sand say..."NO! I'm LEX! Not BABY!" LOL!!! ((sigh)) They grow up so fast. :)

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