February 21, 2009

Lola's First ER Experience

Poor Lola just can't catch a break. First it was the constipation, then the virus and then today when I went into her room to check on her I walk into a bloody mess. LITERALLY! Blood ALL over her, the crib, the wall and her blankets were soaked!! The Hemangioma on her cheek was bleeding. And boy, oh boy did it bleed! I've never seen is squirt blood before. I didn't panic, I just picked her up and started applying pressure. When the bleeding stopped I put her in the sink to bathe the blood off of her and there was a LOT of it!! In her ears, mouth and her hair was caked with it. :( While I was bathing her it started bleeding AGAIN! It was just pouring out!! That's how it went for over an hour. At one point it was squirting out and it actually hit the window. O_O Kevin didn't believe me until I told him it was his turn to hold her while I called the doctor. While I was on the phone Kevin starts yelling..."NINA!!!! NINA!!!!!! Come QUICK! IT'S SQUIRTING OUT!!!!!" So I ran next door to get our neighbor, who's a nurse, to see if she'll sit with Lex and Raven while we run Lola to the ER. Thank God for Nancy, she took right over and stayed until Kevin came home. As soon as we got to the ER and they got us in a room the bleeding had stopped. Of course. Her PJ's were covered in blood so it's not like they we were lying, they could see the damage. The whole time that we were there I could hear children crying and screaming and it made me so thankful that we were there for something simple that will eventually go away. There was a baby in the room next to our room who's Mother was crying listening to the doctor say that her baby was very, very sick and needed to be transfered to Children's Hospital in Boston. :( I just held Lola and kissed her fat cheeks and said a HUGE thank you that she's healthy!! Of course, all the nurses were fawning over her. They couldn't get over how chunky she is. LOL! I think the doctor was flirting with me. -_- He said..."Look at beautiful Lola!! I see where she gets her good looks from. Mom!" -_- LOL! Too funny. Anyway. We came home, she just hung out and watched up set up for Raven's party. Speaking of which.....there are about 10 teenage girls in my house right now. Ugh! LOL! Cake time! Gotta run!!

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