February 24, 2009

I've Got My Lola Back

My baby girl is FINALLY feeling better. What a relief! That was seriously the week from HELL!!! She's back to sleeping through the night, sitting quietly and just smiling and is happy to just be around and doesn't need to be held constantly. She hasn't eaten solids in over a week though and she's only eating a little bit at a time. I can't even tell you how much breastmilk has been wasted! Seriously....lots. -_- That's ok though, I think we're done breastfeeding anyway. I was refusing to waste any more breastmilk, so I started making formula bottles and saving the best for when she's all better. I think she's starting to teethe now as well because latching on is just not happening. We've had a great run, I'll you that! After getting her tongue clipped, which I will NEVER do to another baby of mine again!, she was a boob champ! I'm so proud of us!!! We'll see how long I last just pumping, or should I say....we'll see how long Lex LETS me sit down to pump. -_- That boy! LOL!!

It's now my turn to be sick. I'm going to see my doctor later because I swear I have strep throat. :( No fun.

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