April 20, 2009

That's What I Thought!

I found a forum with tons of resources on vascular birthmarks and they have a section where you can "Ask A Doctor", so I did. I gave him a little background on Lola, her Hemangioma and the treatment we've been give so far. Here is his response.....

Dear Ms. B,
Thank you for the email. This is the type of lesion I would remove. It will almost certainly leave a scar if left untreated and the bleeding is an issue that should be dealt with. In my care, this hemangioma would be removed. The scarring from surgery is minimal and will be less than the scarring that will result if this hemangioma is left untreated. 
Milton Waner
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I started crying when I read that. That's what I needed to hear. Mommy will begin the pushing today. I refuse to let them tell me what THEY think is best for MY daughter. I can't wait for June the 6th!!! Hopefully one of those doctors will take her case!!!

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