April 14, 2009

So Much Blood!!!!!

Lola scratched her Hemangioma open yet again! We've been keeping gloves on her (socks) and have kept it covered for the most part, but she's at the age where she can take the glove off and pull the bandage off. She does it all the time, therefore, she must be watched at all times. Kinda not easy to do, but so far we've managed. Anyway. She was sitting on the floor watching her favorite Baby Einstein, Baby Monet, and I was doing some reading. I had to go to the bathroom, really bad, and was gone for maybe 3 minutes. I came out of the bathroom and I could see her sitting on the floor and I could SEE the blood squirting out!!!!!! It was a tiny scratch, but in that 3 minutes she bled so much that I could wring it out of her sweater AND shirt! Seriously, it was a lot!! All over her face, her hands, her clothes were soaked and so were her jeans. I just picked up her, she was smiling and laughing. It obviously doesn't hurt her, but my GAWD!!!!!! It always makes my stomach drop and I start to shake. I took her clothes off and tried to apply pressure to it while struggling with a 10 month old. Everyone knows how hard that can be! LOL! I just sat her in the bathroom sink and let her kick and play in the water while I waited for it to stop bleeding. It took forever!! And I was home alone. -_- 40 minutes after this all started Kevin, my Mom and the kids finally get home!! My Mom took over while I made Lola a bottle and myself a glass of wine. -_- She fell asleep, I sat down and just relaxed. I hadn't realized that my shoulders were all hunched up the entire time until I sat down. 

Hopefully this will all be gone in the next year! It has stopped growing, thank goodness, but it doesn't look like it's going away fast enough. Her doctors say that if it hasn't gotten much smaller they'll start treatment on her. She has to be at least a year and a half before they'll touch it. They'll use steroids at first and then laser  treatment and then finally when it's completely gone they'll remove the scarred skin, if there is any. You know, if it was anywhere besides her face I wouldn't care. Not one bit. Her arm, neck, legs.....wouldn't bother me. But it's her face and we all know how other kids and ignorant people can be, and God knows I don't want to have to hurt someone for being an ass. LOL!!!! :D

2 thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Awww, I'm sure she'll end up just fine. I know it's not nearly the same, but when Kaden had that cyst on his eyebrow, I thought he was going to be left with a scar or something noticeable, but there's nothing. You'd never even know he had it. She's a beautiful little girl either way. :)

* The Mom said...

Thanks! I wouldn't even care if there was a scar, it's the bleeding that gets to me!! Whenever we go out I have to make sure I have towels, bandages and her medicine, just in case. Poor kid!