April 4, 2009

Boys & Princesses.....

They just don't mix. We took our son to see Disney On Ice this morning and he was just not into it. He liked it when Mickey and the gang came out but that was it. Whenever the Princesses were on the ice he was like..."Eh. Whatever!" and wanted to do other things. ((sigh)) Raven used to LOVE going to all the Disney shows. We took her to almost every one that came to town. There were a few we actually drove into Boston to see. She was a lot older though, so maybe that's why. We always had seats in the front row when we took Raven. I told Kevin not to waste the money this time, get free tickets from his friend at the DCU center. Thank God we did because it would have been a WASTE to have bought front row tickets. WHEW!!!!!!!

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