April 16, 2009

Playing Outside

Every chance I get I take the kids out to play. Every morning we sit outside with the dogs and just watch them play and Lola and I watch Lex chase them. LOL!! It's funny. Lola is definitely and outside baby. Lex wasn't at that age, he preferred to be indoors and away from grass. LOL! Lola likes to grab handfuls of it and stare at it. She concentrates really hard, then just drops it. :) She seems to concentrate on everything new to her. Very curious to watch. It's like she's trying to memorize everything about that one object. :) Kevin says she's either going to be a detective or a scientist. HAHAHAHAA!!!!

I'm taking some time to let their bath toys soak in cleaner. Those things get real nasty, real quick if you don't clean them every day and then soak them every other day! We're going to the park later, as usual. Then for ice cream. :)

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