September 8, 2009

Kids & Travel

Lex loves it, Raven sleeps through it and Lola hates it. -_- She does NOT like to be in her carseat for more than an hour. She likes her routine, she likes her bed, she likes her house and doesn't want to leave it. Hmmm.......sounds like me. LOL!!! Our family vacation was great, the ride down, not so much. She cried, she screamed, nothing helped, she couldn't sleep, she was miserable. Then we got to the cabin and she was fine. But every time we went to get in the car she wasn't happy. -_- Being out was fine, the ride, not so much. ((sigh)) So we decided that one of use would fly down with her and one would fly back home with her if we decided to go back to Gatlinburg next year. I don't see her being happy about it at 2 if she's not happy about it at 1. She was a happy girl most of the time though.......

despite the 8 teeth she has coming in. o_O

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