September 18, 2009

I Can't Believe I Just Said That!

Things I've had to say to my son just this morning alone......

"Lex, please stop trying to fart in the tub, you might poop instead."
"No, Lola does no want you to pick her nose."
"Stop trying to stick that up Lola's nose NOW!"
"Put down the tampon please."
"Lex, you can and you will, your feet aren't broken."
"Lex, Mommy does not want you feeding Chewy's but.....cause it's not hungry and it's not ok!"
"My gawd, boy!!! How many times do I have to tell you NOT to chase Chewy with your butt!"
"Stop trying to force feed that ball your sister!!"
"Lex, Mommy does not want you to put your face in her butt"

The list goes on and on......he's a handful and a half this morning, to say the least. I'm completely exhausted. x_x He's lucky he's so damn cute....

Lola, on the other hand has been an Angel!! She slept all night until 8:30 and is napping right now!!! We're very lucky she's so good, I don't think we could handle another child as busy as Lex. BLAH!!!!!!!

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