September 11, 2009

Oh Gawd....HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lola is fighting nap/bedtime. -_- I'm talking about fits and tears and clutching onto me as tight as she can.....what does she think she's going to miss? NOTHING!!! There is nothing going on that she needs to be a part of. She was laying on the floor half asleep with her whoobie in her mouth, so I picked her up and she was all smiles until she saw where we were going. It's a nightmare!!! I do NOT want to have a fight on my hands every night and every nap time. I guess it's a phase, right? Sure! SO lately I've just been singing to her, kissing her and then gently laying her down....then I RUN!!!!!!!! She always falls RIGHT to sleep, too, so I know she's tired. ((sigh)) I'm hoping that it doesn't get worse. O_O

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