September 24, 2010

The Recall That Broke The Camel's Back

I am tired, sick and tired of all these recalls. First it's cribs, then it's medicine and now it's formula. Is there anything that is safe out there nowadays for our kids? None of my kids are formula fed, they're past that phase, thank goodness! But there was a time when I supplemented with formula, or straight out formula fed each of my kids. This really bothers me. These are our babies!! There should be higher standards in the making of anything that goes into their tiny bodies. I shudder to think of all the little ones out there right now suffering from belly aches and pains because they were fed formula with insect  bits in it. Just disgusting. If I ever were to have another baby, how could I trust these companies? I would be terrified!! I'm a breastfeeding Mommy. I breastfed each of my littles until they stopped, or I stopped or both. But now, I'd breastfeed the next one till he or she was 1!! I am losing total faith in any company that is making products that goes into my children's mouths. I have a teething 2 year old right now, but I refuse to give her anything unless it's all natural. I can't do chemicals anymore. It's not the worth the risk, and that's sad that I feel this way.

Another issue.......I have wasted so much money on medicine because I had to throw it out. I had some of the products that were on the recall list, some of which I had already used!! You can only imagine how that made me feel. Angry, scared, utterly disappointed in the company. I take my children's health very seriously. I don't just dose up every time one of my kids sneezes. But I'd like to have the option of giving them medicine if need be!! For now, we have the generic in our fridge, just in case. I hope that something is done to enforce stricter guidelines when it comes to making anything that goes into our children's bodies. So far, they are failing. Miserably. Shame on them.

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Anonymous said...

i agree with you 100%. i can't remember the last time i bought my kids medicine of any kind. i don't trust them. any of them.