July 9, 2009

Peace And Quiet

I love my boy, I really do, but he is so loud and so busy and always hanging on me. Kevin took him and Raven to Red Robyn for lunch. More just to get him out of the house. So glad he did!! It's just me and Lo hanging out. She's playing with Lex's piano right now and just as quiet as can be. I love that.....a quiet child. It's a beautiful thing. Lex and I do all sorts of activities together, just so he'll have something to do. Painting, coloring, watching cute kitten videos on YouTube, playing (mushing it together -_-) with Play-Doh or various other things. He ALWAYS needs something to do. I hate the t.v. being on so I only turn it on to get something done, so maybe that's it? I dunno. I'm thinking that he will definitely need to be in pre-school next year. He needs it!!! The interaction, the play time the getting out of the house.....I think he'd love it. :) We'll see.

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