July 10, 2009

Sun Kissed Babies!!!

Every day that it's been nice out we're been outside!! At the beach or the park or just hanging out around the house outside swimming in the kiddy pools. And it's showing!! My babies are getting a nice tan. LOL!!! Lola was so white she looked like paper. Now she has a glow.....

LOL!!! She's so cute. And Lex....well, he's got some nice tan lines. :D I don't even wanna talk about Raven. She's naturally tanned all year long. -_- I'm jealous. LOL!! Anyway. We've been having a good time just hanging out. It's been a very relaxing Summer so far. I'm hoping the weather gets better. It was barely 66 yesterday.....IN JULY!!!!!!!!!!!! -_-

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