July 29, 2009

Day #6 Of Early Intervention

I think Lola is trying to sabotage her Early Intervention sessions. She wanted nothing to do with what we had in mind. She screamed and screamed until I finally sat her down with the object of her desire (Raven's helmet -_-) and left her alone. She actually turned her back on us and played with it. ((sigh)) Paula said that Lola is a 2 year old attitude stuck in a 1 year olds body. LOL!! Paula was able to see just how smart Miss. Lola is though. I gave Lo Lex's bee bucket with is full of instruments and she went for her favorite one.....the triangle. After she found the triangle she rummaged through till she found the wand.....then she sat there and played it. Nothing fancy, just a few tinks then she put it down and clapped for herself. Too cute. Paula said...."Nina, she is very intelligent. You don't see 13 month olds doing things like that.". Yeah....I know. :D We're very proud of her. Anyway. Paula showed me a few things to work on with her. We have work to do today!!!!! :)

Other than that all is well. She's combat crawling all over the place. I can't sweep and mop enough. I literally sweep and mop everyday. It's awful. LOL!! Just the other day I had cleaned the floors perfectly, you could have eaten off of them, then Lo woke up and off she went to play. About 10 minutes later I notice she was playing with something on the floor. I went over and said....."What do got there, Sweetpea?" It was a dead fly. -GAG- She was just very lightly moving it around with her index finger. Thank GAWD she doesn't put anything in her mouth!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! She really doesn't. Ok, well, not small objects like dead flies. -GAG- She'll put a book, a toy or things like that in her mouth, but not small things. Again.....THANK GAWD!! So yeah....not 2 hours after cleaning the floors were they dirty again. Well....maybe not dirty, but you know what I mean. I clean and clean and clean as much as possible, because I just don't like the idea of my baby rolling around in dust, dirt and dead flies. LOL!!!

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