July 7, 2009

Lex Is 3

That should say it all. 3 is a very tough age. He's in the "MINE!" phase, talking back phase and just being completely insane. He runs, he falls, he laughs, he cries, but most of all he is 3. Today we were playing outside with the nieghbor's granddaughters and they were running around being wild and crazy and then it was time for them to leave. Well, Lex was heart broken. He came up to me and said..."Momma, I wanna cry for two minutes. Hold me" -insert forced crying here- That's my Lex. He's sweet and loving and very kind to others. Then there are times like when he went up to me and said.."Momma!! Be quiet please! Your voice is hurting me!!" -_- Yes...he's 3. LOL! Adorbale. Love it.

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