July 22, 2009

Day #5 Of Early Intervention

We are back with Early Intervention. Paula is home from Hawaii (-_-) and came to see Lola yesterday. Another bad day. Lola had to poop and couldn't. It was awful!! She screamed for 2 hours straight and it took her 30 minutes to finally push out the poo. It wasn't even a lot!!! Paula got here at 10:30 and saw the whole thing. She gave me a list of medicines that she thinks will help. I left a message for her pedi and hope to have a script for one today. Paula couldn't believe how bad it was. After it was over Lola was fine. Perfectly fine. She still didn't want to sit up on her own for her though!! LOL!! She was tired from the hour and a half of pooping. :( Lola is making great progress!!! She's all over the place, sitting up on her own, mimicking sounds she hears, eating more solids and so on. So yesterday she wanted to work on Lola pulling up on things to reach objects. She did great, a very fast learner. She hasn't done it on her own, but I want her to be able to by the next visit. Ambitious....I know. LOL!! As long as one of Lex's toys is on the stairs she will reach for it. :) We only got in 30 minutes of work, but it was a good 30 minutes. :) Paula will be back next Tuesday and I'm hoping everything goes well!!!! No pooping problems, fevers or anything like that. LOL!!

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