July 20, 2009

Lola's Trip To Boston

Lola had her appointment with Dr. M on Saturday. We were up bright and early and left at 7:15. I was nervous I'd get lost and boy was I right!! LOL!! We got there 15 minutes before the appointment though. The waiting room was full of little girls (it's more common in girls) who all had some form of vascular birthmark. Lola's was the only one, that I could see, that was big and on the face. There was a baby, about 2 months old, who had one on the top of her head, but it looked like a surface hemangioma, not a compound, which is what Lola has. The surface hemangiomas go away on their own, the compounds do not. BOO!! Anyway! We were called in and a very nice doctor took our information and Lola's history. She was soooo nice! Lola loved her. Then she left to give the doctors the information. About 10 minutes later we were called into the conference room. There were about 15 doctors in there, a few of them were from other states who came to observe. They asked questions and then wanted to look at her face. Oh my gawd.....she was not happy! LOL!! It took about 30 minutes and then we went back to the waiting room. About 5 minutes later another doctor came out who want to see Lola's face, it was ok because SHE was a SHE LOL!! Turns out she is the doctor who will be doing the laser treatment. YAY!! About 5 minutes later I met with the doctor who will be treating Lola, the doctor who will be doing the laser treatment and the pediatric cosmetic surgeon and another doctor who will be observing. I was so overwhelmed!!! They told me that it will NOT go away on it's own, the laser treatment is for reducing the surface hemangioma and after that is done they will surgically removed the rest. YAY!!!!!!! He doesn't want to wait until she is older, he wants to do it when she's 3. WOW!! AGAIN............YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. This will all be over in about 2 years. Scaring will be minimal and it will never return. ((SIGH)) I'm so relieved. :)
Let me just say that all the doctors were smitten with Miss. Lola!! LOL!! She's such a flirt. LOL!! We were only there an hour and a half, which was nice. The ride home was nice......just me and my Lo. ♥

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