August 28, 2009

Day #9 Of Early Intervention

I can't believe I forgot to post last week!!!! WTH?!?! Anyway. Lola was being Lola and refusing to let anyone touch her. She clung to me like a spider monkey. LOL!! Patti came back to see how Lola was doing with eating and trying new things. Totally wasted that poor woman's time because a few days after she left Lola was eating nothing but REAL food. No more formula and no more baby food. Big relief!!! Since we're going to be on vacation next week I told Paula I'd call when I got back and we'll start new sessions ASAP. I'm hoping to get afternoon appointments so Kevin can take Lex. We can't get anything done with Mr. I Want To Be The Center Of Attention. LOL!!! So yeah, not a good day for Lola but we will keep on keepin' on!!!

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