May 5, 2010

The Great Pre-School Hunt.....Or, Why I Might Be Homeschooling

I'm not gonna lie, I kinda don't want to spend $200 a month on pre-school for my son. Not just because I'm cheap, but because I feel I can do just as good of a job teaching him as they can. But on the other hand, I feel that there are things they can teach him that he'll learn better from them because they aren't me. Does that make sense? Kids act differently with people who aren't their parents. It's a fact! :) And since I plan on sending him to Kindergarten I feel that getting him used to a setting that isn't his home and being away from us is probably a good thing. BUT! We have a problem. A few weeks ago we took him to see one of the 4 pre-schools in our town. Yes, we live in a small town. :) It was in the basement of a church. Not huge, but just big enough. 4 teachers, 24 students. Class pets, gold fish. A kitchen. Lots of activities and everyone was very nice. Lex loved it. Kevin loved it. I loved it. Everyone loved it! We left there with the paperwork and every intention of going back there this week and getting everything set. Then it happened. Mommy Intuition kicked in. I had a horrible dream that there was a fire in the pre-school, there was only one exit and Lex was trapped, dying. I woke up almost in a panic and thought to myself...."My GAWD! There is only one exit!!!!!" And there is only one exit. Mommy Intuition must have noticed it when my eyes didn't. So that one is out! There is no way I'm sending my son, my baby, to a place that has only one exit and a kitchen. Sorry peeps. You're out! The next one I called was already full. Probably a good thing since that school takes on almost all kids with learning disabilities. There's nothing wrong with Lex, let that place be for someone who really needs it. The third place I called wanted $400 a month and they have this policy where the child must get out of the car themselves, walk to the door without the parent, "to build self esteem." Yeah, whatever. way I'm sending my son, my baby, to a place that won't let me walk him to the door, or let alone go in. Forget that! Bye bye! Our last option is actually in a very nice church located right smack in the center of town. It's gorgeous!! We're going to look at it tomorrow around Noon. BUT! Isn't there always a "but"? They only have 1 opening and it's Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9-1. That seems a little long to me. I don't want to be away from him that long. Not at first. ((sigh))

Did you see that? Do you see what I'm doing? I'm trying to talk myself out of it. Can you blame me? He's my son, my baby. Letting go is harder on us than it is on them. I'm looking forward to him making new friends at school, doing activities, going on field trips and just being a kid. I really am. Does he really need to go now? Does he really need pre-school if I'm at home and not working? I'm torn. I've already been looking for homeschooling resources here in MA, and I've found quite a few. I've joined the Yahoo! group for my area, talked with other homeschooling Mommies, so I think I have my bases covered, if it comes down to that. I've been looking at books as well and found this one.....

Right up my alley!!! LOL!!! Free = good. I sound cheap, don't I? Oh well. :D

You know, I never thought I would even consider homeschooling. I thought that kinda stuff was for crunchy Mommies, Mommies who were homeschooled themselves, Mommies who know what they're doing!!! I have no idea what I'm doing. I flunked Math every year of my school life!! I'm not homeschooling/teacher material! Geesh! But for my kids, I'd do anything. :) I'll let you know how things go tomorrow and if I'll be needing lots and lots of help come September. o_O

3 thoughts:

Moooooog35 said...

His first course:

"Blogger 101, and how to avoid chores when you have Tweets to make, dammit!"

Maybe you should reconsider.

Carlie said...

All kinds of mommies homeschool and if all you're tackling is a little preschool....there's honestly, precious little to it in the way of deep academics. Most of what kids need in preschool is to learn their letters and numbers and colors, to cuddle close and hear lots of great stories and to go for long rambly walks outdoors with lots of commentary on all the cool stuff they're finding. You can do that! I say listen to your Inner Mommy!

Mom, Wife, Nina said...

Moooooog....those are essential in todays education. LOL!!!!

Carlie, thank you for making me feel better. I'm so afraid I'll get him into Kindergarten and the teacher will say "Oh, well....he's behind all the other kids" O_O LOL!! I don't wanna screw my kid up! HAHAHAHAA!!