May 12, 2010

What Is Happening To Our Teenage Girls?!?!?!

The other day I went to the mall to pick up a few things. While I was there I saw a lot of things that really surprised me and all of it had to do with teenage girls. First thing I saw was a young girl, no more than 16, walking down the mall clutching on to some teenage boy wearing a school jersey (jock) and she was wearing a pair of shorts that were so small they rode up her butt. She was a hefty girl, big all over, so I'm sure anything would have been tight on her, but I think she meant for those shorts to look like that. I think she wanted them to ride up her rear end to show off her "goods". And show off her goods, she did! I literally sat there with my mouth wide open staring at her. Now, she was young, so her skin was flawless, no bumps or dimples, so I'm sure she thought it was ok to dress like that. All I kept thinking was "Where is her Mother?!?!?!?!" I couldn't believe her Mother would let her walk out of the house like that but then again, maybe she doesn't even know. At any rate, all I wanted to do was pull her aside and shake her! Why do young girls feel the need to expose themselves in this way? I'll never understand.

About 20 minutes later I find myself staring at the rear end of another teenage girls, this one was no more than 14, and her shorts read "JUICY". WTF?!?!?! JUICY?!?!?! What's juicy? The shorts? The bottle of whatever she's drinking? Oh, right.....her arse is supposed to be juicy. So, she wants people to look at her bottom and think..."Oh wow. Look at that juicy arse!" I know, I know....she doesn't really get it yet, she thinks those shorts are cute/funny. Well they are not. I completely disagree with young girls advertising anything on their bottoms. It's just wrong. There are enough perverts out there, we don't need to encourage them.

I'm lucky to have a daughter who hates being naked. She wears t-shirts under her t-shirts. In the Summer time she wears shorts, but she hates it when they're too short, so she wears her bathing suit bottoms under them. Don't ask me why she feels more comfortable that way, she just does. She's a modest girl and I'm happy about that. I would never, ever let her buy clothes that I felt was exposing too much of herself or had something inappropriate written on it. I try to teach her self respect in hopes that she takes that with her where ever she goes.

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Carlie said...

Wow. Yeah. So, things I will be facing someday if I have a girl. *sigh*