May 4, 2010

Day #18 Of Early Intervention, Laser Appointment And Ortho Appointment

Oh, Lola!! She fills our calendar up with more appointments than anyone else in the house. :) First.....Early Intervention. What a waste that was!! That was the day she got sick, but I had no idea she was sick. So the whole hour was spent watching her lay on the floor throwing fits. Poor Patty. o_O Poor Lola!!! She was sick and I didn't even know it till after she got up from her nap later that afternoon. We're hoping to have a better session this week. :D

She had her laser appointment in Boston last week. The first one in many months. Last time we went it was snowing!! It was beautiful out so of course Kevin just had to go, too. Not that I don't like being around him and Lex, but these appointments are in Boston and it gives me a chance to be alone with Lola, and I look forward to that. Anyway. It went well. Her doctor says that her Hemangioma is looking better and better!! YAY! We're going to see if our insurance company will give up 6 more visits.  They're tough though, so we'll see. :D

And last but not least.......the orthopedic appointment. Besides waiting for over an hour with a very cranky toddler, it went well!! -_- Dr. M came in and immediately started talking about braces. ((sigh)) I knew he was going to say that. I actually don't mind, whatever works is my motto!! And if she needs braces, then she needs braces. Period. And no, they won't look like Forest Gump's leg braces!!! LOL!! Although that is the first thing Kevin said when I told him. -_- I'm hoping we can get her some with butterflies or flowers on them. :D My niece had to wear braces and hers were cute! She has an appointment next week to get fitted for them. Lots of pictures!! Now, Dr. M  told me something that really made me nervous. He said...."You're lucky she can use her legs at all". Apparently he sees this a lot in children who have had strange fevers with no diagnoses as to what caused it. He thinks she had Meningitis and that's what caused her to stop everything she had learned as far as gross motor skills go. He asked if she could move her legs at all after the fever and you know what, I don't think she could. As a matter of fact, I don't think I saw her move for a very long time after that. :( My poor baby!!!! Luckily though, I pushed to get her into Early Intervention when I did, or else she may have been worse off. When Dr. M was examining her he could move her feet in every direction and she didn't even bat an eye! No muscle whatsoever in her time little feet. And he pointed out that since she's not using them, they're not growing like they should be. ((sigh)) The sooner we get those braces on, the sooner she starts building some muscle tone and sooner they straighten out. So here we go. Braces it is! :D

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Carlie said...

How relieving to have some answers about causes! That must feel really hopeful. Meningitis is wretched stuff! I hope the braces are just the thing.