May 19, 2010

I Need A Maid

STAT! This house cleaing thing is getting old. I miss doing laundry though. I've always loved doing laundry. Before we moved into our house we lived in an apartment that was 3 bedrooms, huge kitchen with washer/dryer hookups right in there! So I was able to wash, dry, fold and put away all while I cooked/cleaned/cared for children and small animals. I loved it! My house always smelled good, it was warm and inviting and doing laundry was a stress reliever. Cleaning wasn't as much fun. When we started looking for a house I kinda stopped worrying about how clean the apartment was. Seriously, I did. I still did the everyday pickup, dust, sweep, mopping business, but scrubbing was off the list!!! Once we had a move date I was all like.."I'm outta here!! See ya later!" and focused my Domestic Goddessness on the new, beautiful house. I cleaned and I loved it! I loved having the laundry room in the basement away from the rest of the house. Loved it! I would go down there, do some laundry, come back up, put said clean laundry away and continue on with my daily cleaning. Our house is big. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, huge livingroom, diningroomm kitchen, mudroom and then there's the deck and farmer's porch. Lots of cleaning. Never a dull moment for The Domestic Goddess.  :D So went my days and I was happy. Then it happened. I went to the basement to switch out the loads and I was attacked by the biggest, ugliest, meanest spider ever. Ok, well, maybe not all that, but it was still a spider that dropped onto my face and I could not get it off of me!! Flashbacks of my childhood came flooding waiting to run through my Mother's freshly washed kitchen floor only to be greeted with a line of fake, plastic spiders. Yes, my Mother lined up HUGE fake plastic spiders to stop me in my tracks, and it worked. A little too good, because I am terrified of spiders now. You can imgine how traumatized I was that day in the basement. Horrible! Needless to say, my husband now does the laundry. I flat out refuse to go down there anymore. It's scary.

Now, I do all the cleaning myself and he does the laundry. Let me just point out that there is a lot of cleaning to do. Almost every other day I'm doing some kind of major cleaning. It may be the windows, the floors, polishing the wood, making beds, cleaning bathrooms and so on and so on. You know what I'm talking about! It's work! I told my husband that for Mother's Day next year (still waiting on my present for this year!) I want a cleaning crew to come in, clean my house from top to bottom while I'm at the spa. That sounds so nice, coming home to a clean house. I don't know what that's like. Usually when I work I come home to a sink full of dishes, the dogs' bowls are empty, the bathroom is a mess and there's a basket of laundry sitting in the livingroom.  The laundry I don't mind so much, everything else is a pain. Sick of it. I need a maid. Or a family that picks up after themselves. ((sigh)) Wouldn't that be nice? I'm just exhausted. Exhausted and kind of fed up with all the house work I do. I feel like a maid and that is not what I am. I'm a Mother, Me and a wife (most days) :D I know, I know......with that comes the whole package deal, right? Sure, sure, fine. But would it be asking too much to have people pick up after themselves? No one puts the hairdryer away, they leave it on the trash can. -_- No one rinses the shower after they're done, the leave that grossness for me to clean up. And I'm not talking about the 2 little ones either! The bottom line is this....I used to love cleaning and doing laundry, now it feels like a chore. I don't feel appreciated and it's wearing on me. Yes, I'm whining, but whatever. I'm allowed. Something has got to give. And soon or Mommy is going to lose it. Either that of I'm hiring a maid.

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