September 23, 2010

Dreading The Long Winter Months

Just the thought of having to put on more clothes, shoveling snow, driving in the snow and being cooped up all Winter long is giving me hives. I'm trying not to think about it. I've been keeping busy with work, kids, school, the house and other things. Thankfully my husband knows all kinds of ways to keep the kids busy with useless toys.......

I kid!!!! I kid!!!! That last one isn't ours, but I would love to have one. Could come in real handy when the kids are losing their minds from being stuck indoors for days on end. He buys things all the time so there is always something to do. I should be grateful that he's able to keep them busy, but we are running out of room!!! We need a bigger house. I've been looking almost every week in hopes that one catches my eye, but nothing yet. ((sigh)) 'll have to deal with the toys taking over my house.

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